Kevin Serna's Team
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Loan Assistant

The loan assistant handles all the internal items for your loan. You may be unaware, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes to get your loan to closing including verifying loan compliance, ordering the appraisal and title, verifying income and employment, completing your home insurance policy, and much more. The loan assistant remains in the process from start to finish working behind the scenes to make sure you have a fantastic mortgage experience!




Elizabeth, our processor, is responsible for prepping and organizing your loan file so that it may be submitted to underwriting for approval. She compiles all the important documentation and looks out for any potential red flags that could come up during the process. Once Elizabeth has completed her initial review your loan file is ready to be sent to underwriting. Elizabeth will then coordinate with you on any additional underwriting requirements to have your loan cleared to close! My clients always rave about Elizabeth and I know you will too!



Marketing Director

As our marketing director, Emily is responsible for designing and implementing comprehensive marketing strategies to create  awareness of the company's business activities. She produces ideas for promotional events or activities and organizes them efficiently. Check out our News & Events page to see our next event!